Nothing Is Left Here

from by FLAtRich-Rich La Bonte



Words and Music by Rich La Bonté. Copyright © 2010 Rich La Bonté (BMI). All Rights Reserved.


Nothing Is Left Here
Words and Music by Rich La Bonte
Copyright © 2010 Rich La Bonte (BMI). All Rights Reserved.

Wake up this mornin' and somethin' is missin'
Birds aren't singin' and the air is stale
Future is filled with lack of ambition
Skies are gray and my eyes are pale.

Nothin' is left here, world ain't right
Everything broken, in the night
Nothin' is workin', something went wrong
Nothin' is left here, everything's gone.

Pull on my jeans, reconnoiter the outside
Streets are empty, all the trees are bare
Car won't start, my cellphone is fried
Don't see no people, anywhere.

No cats or squirrels or dogs to chase them
No blades of grass or jetplane contrails
No flags unfurled and no policemen
No radio or siren wails.

I can't explain what's happening here
My world has just crumbled away overnight
And I can't talk to you about it, baby
Because you ain't here either.


Sidewalk fades out, right before my eyes
The street is deserted, quiet as a tomb
City is vanished from the horizon
The sun is hidin' behind the moon.

Mountains are flattened, wind refuse to blow
Bridges are fallen, rivers dried away
Nothin' ahead, got no place left to go
Losin' hope I'll see another another day



from This Is Rock and Roll, released January 12, 2010



all rights reserved


FLAtRich-Rich La Bonte New Jersey

Rich La Bonté (1946) is an American musician, writer, editor. He was lead singer of the upstate New York band the huns (1965- 66), played bass and sang in the original cast productions of the musical Godspell in New York and Los Angeles, Original Cast Album and movie soundtrack. Co-produced and co-wrote Son of Frankenstein LP (1981) with Kim Fowley. Get more info, free MP3s & stuff on his website! ... more

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